Greysham International is the leading supplier of many Air Brake related items and Vacuum Brake related items and spares across the globe.



Freight braking equipment is best qualified to meet the requirement of today’s long heavy haul freight trains.

Products include:

  • Distributor Valve
  • Reservoirs of various capacities
  • Brake Cylinders
  • Cocks and Hoses
  • Empty / Load Devices
  • Centrifugal Dirt Collector
  • Pipe Bracket catering to different makes of Distributor   Valves
  • Automatic Load Detection Valve


Greysham International offers a comprehensive range of Passenger Brake system.

Products include:

  • Distributor Valve
  • Distribution Valve With Rely Valve
  • Passenger Emergency Relay Valve
  • Passenger Emergency Pull Box
  • Bogie mounted Brake Cylinder with Slack Adjuster