Greysham is now India’s one of the leading International Railway Industry Standards (IRIS) certified Railway equipment manufacturer for Air Brake and Vacuum Brake related items, Vacuum Brake items, Slack Adjuster. The manufacturing facilities created at Greysham’s plant at the industrial town of Noida in U.P. Boast of a modern machine shop well equipped with CNC Machines, including turning centers, Machining centers a machine shop which is equipped with, drilling machines, radial drills, etc.., a modern cad/cam design center, R&D and Standards Room for chemical and physical analysis.

Also off late has we have developed local expertise to source and cater to the international markets around the world for various engineering applications for the railways. with attempts to focus on the opportunities that arise with the advent of new technologies being developed, around the world, in a way that will enhance the competitiveness of its clients in the market place.

The critical factor today, is not the approach or the technology, but the commitment, concern of people who perform the services. Greysham will attribute its success in the global market place to the people it works with, as they make a difference in the quality of our products and services to the customer world-wide.

Greysham ‘s strategy is to grow by utilizing technological advancements to develop new products in-house for the local market, and to penetrate untapped global markets.

Our commitment to its customers does not end with the sale of OEM equipment. In fact our service engineers ensure that equipment sold are maintained as per international quality standards.

The management structure is geared to mobilize the collective development resources, responsively and flexibly. To achieve this decision-making & planning and practices have been decentralized across all established processes within the company.

Today is we are emerging as a leading provider of Railway equipment to its our customers worldwide.

Manufacturing products for the Global Railway industry is a demanding and a specialized skil which requires focus on the quality of the product and ability to understand the requirement of the customer and design the product accordingly. Greysham International achieved its target of being International Railway Industry Standards (IRIS) certified company. Thus eliminating all doubts about the quality of the product and the in-house production processes followed and implemented during the manufacturing process. Not only this we are IRIS certified for designing of the Air Brake and Vacuum Brake related various items and spares and can offer the customized solutions to our customers.

At Greysham we have identified the following beliefs to act as a guide to our operations

  • Respect for the Customer
  • Delivering optimum price performance ratio
  • Dedication to customer satisfaction
  • Employ innovative technology based tools to support our work

The Future… stands today as a prominent icon of pioneering efforts made to offer technology that is customer specific to the railway industry. The future is based on a past, which has being one of balance and commitment. Greysham’s moves have never been abrupt – they have being calculated and incremental. Since 1926, Greysham has consistently displayed the characteristics of innovation, niche orientation, building on its established strengths and its people.